Facts about Dubai

When it comes to Dubai, you cannot stop yourself from fantasizing about it, it has enormous views, lovely nature, and big buildings and the best hotel and tourism infrastructure of the world along with the best accounting services in Dubai.

The most amazing thing about it is exciting, vibrant, and above all, it has its mysterious ways.

If ever you want to visit Dubai, you must be looking forward to living the best days of your life, as the country gives you enormous choices of food, lifestyle, and places where you can have peace of mind as well as enjoy as much as you want.

However, there are some facts about Dubai that you may never get to know about as they are informative and an eye-opener as well.

Hence I am here to tell you about some groundbreaking facts about Dubai, you should also know that all the things that I am about to say are either have a confirmed source or the authorities may have confirmed it all together, but, if you think it is not, you can search about it as well.

Some facts about Dubai are as below, sit tight and get to know about Dubai more than you know already:

  1. As of 2015 consensus, the population of Dubai surpassed 3 million and the study shows that only 15% of the population is Emirati, which means that the remaining 85% are foreigners who have come to establish their businesses, workplaces, and either tourist.
  2. Dubai is not the United Arab Emirates, it is one hub that comes together with seven other states that come all together to make the United Arab Emirates.
  3. Each emirate state has its king (either Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, etc.) also called Sheikh.
  4. The food that Dubai represents is delicious, however being the hub of several international food chains, the most bought and delicious food is shawarma and is served as a local dish.
  5. The people on average who visit Dubai is around 14 million a year, surpassing all the other countries and tourist spots.
  6. The population regards the people and if we talk about the consensus, it shows that most of the people are from India or Subcontinent which makes Dubai the hub of Indians and people from the subcontinent.
  7. Foreigners can never earn the right to have citizenship even if they are living their long-term.
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