Fun Facts About Milk

This article will be responsible for having you left in shock. Because we will be telling some amazing and fun facts about milk that you might not them anywhere else. And one of the funniest and the most saddening fact of all time is about an 80-years old Brazilian woman. She was admitted in a hospital and a student nurse actually injected the woman with milk thinking that it will redeem her calcium in bones instantly because she was too weak. But what happened was, if you are thinking that she died, well, yes, she really died. People from all over the world choose different kinds of beverages as their national beverage but in the United States, the 28 states country, all of them chose milk as their national beverage. Except state number 21 and 28, they chose Whiskey.

In the really old times, the ancient Russians used some really weird technique from preventing the milk to get sour. They used to put a frog inside the bucket and scientists tried this experiment to prove them wrong but it turned out that scientists identified a wealth of new antibiotic substance. Ice creams may have different names in different languages but if you go to Canada and you say ice creams, the latest generation might not know. Because in Canada ice cream is called Frozen Dairy Desserts or Frozen Desserts because Breyers started to add more additives to cut the cost of ice cream and save more. And it was said that Breyers didn’t use much milk and that is why Canada changed the name of the ice cream into these names.

When we see animals giving milk to their babies, it is the most wonderful site, but don’t see a Platypus feeding its baby because it has no nipples. Yes, you read that right and before you think, we would like you to know that the milk simply flows from their skins and the babies sip it from the belly area mostly. Scientists love to mix things up but they mixed up the most bizarre animals. They mixed spider’s DNA with the goat’s and the goat was called Freckles. Freckles then produced silk with the power of milk and it was so strong that they named it biosteel and it is said to be stronger than Kevlar. But you can always buy condensed milk in Dubai and there many kinds of condensed milk price in Dubai.

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