Tools that you can use at your home for car repairing

It is good thing that you can do minor repairing of your car at your home. But to repair your car you will need tool kit. If you have purchased your car for the first time then you must know about the tool kit. So here is complete guide for you. Having your own toolkit will give you benefit that you will not have to borrow tool kit from anyone and you will also not have to take it to a Mercedes specialist in Dubai.


Pliers are the most important part of your tool kit and there must be set of Pliers in your tool kit.

Torque wrench:

Wrench is used to tighten the nuts and bolts but when using a wrench you must make sure that you are using the same size of wrench as that of nut and bolt.


For electrical parts, use of screw drivers is mandatory and you must have few screw drivers at your home.

Breaker bar:

It is also known as power bar and it is used with socket wrench style. It is long so it allows the same amount force to be applied that is used with torque wrench. So you must use 12 to 16 inch breaker bar.

Jack stands:

These are used to lift vehicle at an Audi service center in Dubai so it will raise the load. When you are going to purchase it you must make sure that you are purchasing pair of jack stands because car is lifted from both sides. And if will not lift your car from both sides then it may damage the inner parts of your car. Jack stands can hold 2 tons of weight so by using it you will not need to lift car by yourself.

Oil drain pan:

It is used to collect the waste oil so when you are going to repair your car it is necessary to collect oil from your car. If you will not collect oil from your car then it may stain your floor and it may cause serious issue such as fire.

Work light:

When you are repairing your car then you may need light to see clearly the inner parts of your car. So you must have work light in your car. The light must be medium in size.

Hand cleaning solution:

When you are repairing your car then you may need to clean your hands as well so that smell may not produce in your car.

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