Indoor activities for team building events

If you are running your own company then there will be need to arrange team building activities for your company’s employees. Team building activities UAE have become common trend in UAE because of their advantages. You can arrange indoor and outdoor events for your employees. If you are going to arrange outdoor events then you will have to contact with the companies of tent rental in Dubai. There are different types of indoor activities that you can arrange for your employees. The details of these activities have been given below.

Indoor activities:

These types of activities can be arrange in the premises of company and these can be arrange in office hours. So you can arrange these types of activities frequently because these consume less time and no prior planning is required for these activities. Some types of indoor activities have been given below. 

Code of conduct:

This is quite simple but meaningful activity and is less time consuming. This type of activity can also be arranged before workshop or training to make workshop more interesting. It is played on whiteboard and words are written on white board. And then suggestions of different are recorded. This activity usually lasts for 30 minutes and 10-20 participants can take part in this. It increases the mutual trusts among employees and increase group values.

Campfire stories:

Story is being told in this type of activity and it increases team bonding. They can also tell about their specific life experience and they can also talk about one specific topic. This type of strategy an also be used as informal training and to share common experience with each other. 

Memory wall:

In this type of activity, wall is used and sketches are being made on wall that’s why it is called memory wall. So participants make sketches of their life experiences on wall and then they tell their whole story with the help of these sketches. It also creates welcoming environment in company where they can freely share their thoughts with each other and it also builds healthy relationships among employees.

Spectrum mapping:

In this type of activity, specific topic is given to employees and then they map their thoughts on a piece of paper. It also helps them to generate innovative ideas and it also gives them courage to share their thoughts with other confidently. It is considered as best way to share diverse views with each other. It also shows about the different perspectives of each person about same keyword.

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