Where is 3D printing used?

The world is revolving and so we are. That’s the reason there is now 3d printing. 3d printing is to print the objects in three dimensions with the help of computers and scanners. The person who wants to use it has to download the picture which he or she has to print and then set it to print. The scanner or machine will make constructive layers to make the object ready for you.

Currently, the technology is being used in different field. Some of them are

Dental products: Whether you believe it or not, there are 3d printing companies in Dubai that make artificial teeth sets and artificial tooth for dentists and their patients to assist them and give them the desired product for cheap. They use the techniques of drawing and ability to use 3D scanner and machine to print it.

Consumer products: Although, the printer cannot print your clothes, it can print your shoes, purse, clips and different things. The companies have numerous employees that take others of the people and give them what they want. They charge for their hard-work but it is cheaper than shopping mall’s product. Yet, the timing can displease you but it is not the fault of them because it is because of machine that make layers to construct and print the object.

Prosthetics: As we are going ahead the illnesses are increasing but cures are also increasing; therefore, there is now prosthetics. Prosthetics is to create artificial leg and other body part to help them people who cannot walk or have some problem in it. To create artificial parts, they are always in need of 3d printing to make the product, test the product and get the perfect result.

Architects: Besides, signage companies in UAE, architects and engineers also use 3d printing to see how will be their finished products. Architect use it to get architectural model and engineers use it to know the details of their finished product. They use this model to create the actual machine or house which their customer has assigned them to make.

Industries: Industries can never stay behind when it comes to making machine parts or getting machine parts for cheap. They are in need of machines parts and factories parts which make their products. 3D printing provide those parts for the cheapest than market price.

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