What is laminated glass?

Laminated glass is the substitute of ordinary glass nowadays. Laminated glass is a strong and hard from of glass. Its structure has strong base as compared to ordinary glasses. These laminated glasses come in various kinds, shapes and sizes. People are really fond of these laminated glasses in their homes and work places.  At the same time, you should also learn more about ballistic glass door.

The design of laminated glass is simple. Just like a sandwich 2 layers are attached together with the help of permanent bond. These layers support each other strongly. These layers are attached so strongly that they don’t part ways even it gets broken. For example, if you through an iron rod on an ordinary glass the panes of glass get shattered in to so many pieces but when it comes to laminated glass. These glasses absorb the energy of iron rod in themselves and don’t get shattered. These laminated glasses are used rapidly on big giant building for safety purposes like thunder storms, heavy rain, hurricanes and other natural disasters. These laminated glasses are very hard to break in. So many people install then for sake of security from theft and robberies. Jewelry stores install these laminated glass windows for the display of their valuable and expensive products. Amusement parks and zoo install these laminated glasses to settle animals inside also these laminated glasses are installed in aquariums. They are used as glass floors and glass roof too. 

The design is specially made for security. The biggest advantage of these laminated glasses are the force and power they have inside them. These inter layers are so hard to break. The structure is attaching strong with a bond even someone tries to break in they can’t make a space by breaking it or by making any space. Because they will remain in the boundaries of their laminated structure. Which is the most attractive point for buyers.  When it comes to natural disasters people prefer these laminated glasses because they will resist with the heavy rain or thunder storm. Hurricanes can literally shatter the glass with its twisting force and power. But these laminated glasses absorb the energy with the help of interlayers inside them. Which makes people safe. An ordinary glass is weak when it comes to natural disasters. There are many security footages of robbers to break-in in houses or jewelry stores but when then windows or display glasses are laminated it’s a big challenge for them. 

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