Facts about gynecology

For those who are unfamiliar with the term gynecology, it is a study of reproductive health and women’s sexual desire along with the obstetrics that goes shorthand for OB/GYN. It is a branch of medicine that helps provide the cure for the issues that can correlate with the factors of women’s sexual desires and the study of reproductive health so they can have intimacy, sex, and have desires for it perfectly. You can visit the best dentist in Dubai.

Although many people confuse it with the terms correlated with the men’s sexual desires. Therefore, it also helps provide some minor issues that you can find in the men’s reproductive system, as well as, help them create many sexual desires with psychotherapy and other terminologies. However, gynecology is as old as the human race and for those who do not think like it, some amazing facts can help you see the brighter side of the study of gynecology because the people only correlate it with the study of sexual desires and not more of it. You can visit the best gynecologist in Dubai.

Therefore, some amazing facts can help you see the brighter side of the study of gynecology that is in the section;

  1. The first amazing fact about gynecology is that it is not only a single branch of the study of sexual desire, but there are also many that fall under the branch of gynecology with different purposes such as:
  1. Gynecologic Oncology – it is the study that provides the patients with the major issue as gynecologic cancer the cure that they are trying to find.
  2. Maternal/Fetal Medicine – the study where the most important issue of the women’s physical and mental capability is discussed and that is pregnancy. It helps provide them with medications and physical exercises so they can overcome the issues that can strike them while they are pregnant.
  3. Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility – the study where the physicians help provide the solutions to the complex problems of infertility and endocrinology that can sometimes lead to fertility disorders.
  4. Urogynecology/Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery – the study at where physicians have to undergo surgeries and help women with their benign pelvic issues to overcome and be fertile as they were all their lives.
  5. People who think that we have gained knowledge about obstetrics and gynecology today is because of our hard work are wrong as the science of birth goes beyond 5th century B.C. that correlates the fact that Hippocrates was the first person who wrote about the physical therapies and helps find the cure of obstetrics as well as gynecology.
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