The Disadvantages of Owning an Event Management Company

Event management is a very colorful and a dynamic field. It is also the kind of business which has extra responsibilities on them because they have to make sure that the event goes as planned and there must be zero mishandled things. Since they event management companies charge a lot, people want everything best and that is also why they have a lot of expectations. Opening this business is a good idea but it requires a lot of marketing because without it, it can be hard for anyone to run it. That is why opening this business has a lot of disadvantages as well. And one of many disadvantages is stress, in 2016, different studies conducted by career cast showed that the most stressful business and jobs are of event management companies or of event managers. To understand this point, consider this example, that you have an event management company and you have opened it just a few months back. In the last 5 months, you just had 2 events and you are worried about the future as well. 

You have to do a lot of marketing which costs a lot and even after marketing a lot, you don’t know whether you will get work or not. Because in this field, vintage is everything. That is also why, there are many event management agencies in Dubai who will do first event for you with free of cost, just to make and increase their portfolio in return that you will advertise about their company. Then another disadvantage is that there is no specific time, for example, you have some of the top event companies in Dubai, and you and your staff had to take some days off because you have just managed a mega event. And you get a call from a top notch company who wants that you should organize their party. Now, you have just gotten a break and on the other hand, you cannot refuse this company is as well. So, you will have to work again and this means that if you have such company, you will have to work in unpredictable hours. Flexibility is a good thing but it can become frustrating at some point and this also means that you will mostly have uneven schedule of working which results in no personal time.

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